Smart Water Heater Tips to Save Money and Energy


Winter vibes and chillier days are here, and colder temperatures mean your water heater may need to work harder to produce the hot water you need for baths, showers, endless loads of laundry and washing dishes. Did you know water heating can account for a significant amount of your family’s utility bill? By taking a few simple steps, you and your family can make smarter choices when it comes to your hot water usage while saving energy and money in your New Jersey home.

Check out the tips and tricks below to help you heat your water more efficiently.

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  • Upgrade your water heater to a more energy-efficient model. If your water heater is over 10 years old, consider replacing it with a new high-efficiency unit so you can keep your family comfortable while saving on energy costs.
  • Go tankless! You may want to consider a tankless water heater – a space-saving water heating solution that can help you save on energy costs. Tankless water heaters provide hot water only as needed and don’t produce the standby energy losses associated with traditional water heaters. Additionally, if you have a larger family that takes back-to-back showers, or a large jacuzzi tub to fill, you may want to consider an energy-efficient tankless model.
  • Wrap your water heater with an insulation blanket. If you have an older water heater, wrapping your water heater in a special thermal blanket specifically made for water heaters can be an inexpensive solution to help you save on water heating costs. Before wrapping your water heater in a blanket, consider where it is stored to determine if it will help you save energy. If it’s in a basement, garage or other area where the space is colder than normal indoor temperatures, an unwrapped water heater could cause greater heat loss and increased energy use.
  • Change your laundry routine. Did you know washing and drying full loads of laundry can help you save energy? If you must wash a small load, use the proper water-level setting. Also, try washing your laundry in cold water. If you use hot water, your water heater will be using energy to heat the water in your washing machine. 
  • Your dishwasher is a great alternative to hand washing. Washing dishes by hand is a chore that can take up a lot of your valuable time. When using your dishwasher, try to wash only full loads, choose shorter wash cycles and activate the booster heater if your dishwasher has one. If it’s older, consider purchasing an ENERGY STAR®-qualified dishwasher that uses less energy and water.

Is your water taking longer to heat up during the chillier winter months? It’s a fact the cooler the temperature is outside, the ground water entering your hot water heater will be colder. This may make your water heater work harder and longer to heat the water to your desired temperature, using more energy. This is another great reason to think about upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient water heater model that can help accommodate your household’s average daily hot water needs.

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Your water heater is something you’ll have in your New Jersey home for a significant period of time so it’s wise to invest in a model that can help you save money and energy in the long run. That’s why when it’s time to replace your old, natural gas water heater, it’s important to consider your family’s water demands along with the cost, energy efficiency and longevity of a new water heater. NJR Home Services is here to help you choose the right option, whether it be a standard water heater or a tankless water heater.

The best way to discover the ideal water heater option for your New Jersey home and your comfort? Consult with one of our trained, trusted professionals. We know your home is your comfort zone and we’ll answer all your questions and provide a solution right for your needs and budget. For more information on our tankless water heater options, call 877-466-3657 or complete our online request form. Don’t forget, we’re also here to help with the repair or replacement of your heating and air conditioning equipment, generators and solar.

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