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You rely on your water heater every day for so many things – from bathing to cleaning to water storage. If it starts to break down, it won’t be long before you feel the impact.

Here are two signs you might need to replace your water heater:

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Your hot water runs out much sooner than it used to.

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Your water heater is over 10 years old.

If you recognize these signs, you may be in the market for a new water heater. Luckily, NJR Home Services has the perfect solution for you. When you’re ready to replace your water heater, you can depend on NJR Home Services to help you through the process every step of the way.

There are multiple benefits of installing a new water heater, including:

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Greater energy efficiency and lower monthly utility bills.

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Fewer costly repairs. Newer units function better and are more reliable.

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Increased comfort and dependable hot water at all times.

What to consider when buying a new water heater:

Because people have different needs and budgets, we offer a range of different water heaters. There can be many options to choose from, but we can help find the right water heater for you and your home. Find out more about how you can save with our products:

Gas or Electric Water Heater

Natural Gas or Electric

Natural gas water heaters are still the most common, probably because they are generally more efficient than electric water heaters. Gas water heaters can heat the water to set temperature about twice as fast as electric heaters do, and cost about half as much to run as an electric unit.

High Efficiency Water Heater

High-efficiency water heaters

The only thing better than a hot shower is one that saves you money at the same time. Because our high-efficiency water heaters require less energy than older models, they may help reduce your utility bills. They also heat water faster by reutilizing the heat from the exhaust gases. If your water heater is not performing like it used to, consider upgrading to a new water heater from NJR Home Services.

Standard Water Heater

Standard-efficiency water heaters

Standard water heaters are still a perfect fit for any home and those that are minding their budgets. The equipment is typically less expensive and easier and cheaper to install. They are simple by design with few parts that would need replacing but are readily available. Still, they will keep you comfortable in your home while operating more efficiently than your older water heater.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters

If your family has a high demand for hot water, takes back-to-back showers or needs to fill a jacuzzi, you may want to consider a tankless water heater. Since they supply hot water only as it’s needed, they also represent a cost-effective alternative to normal storage-tank water heaters. They can help you save money over time because they can be up to 34 percent more energy efficient than a traditional water heater. They do, however, have significantly higher purchase and installation costs and may require more frequent maintenance.

Water Recirculation System

Hot water recirculating systems

In an average size household, thousands of gallons of water can be wasted every year. By installing hot water recirculating system, you get hot water whenever you need it, it’s that simple. It works by sending hot water from your water heater through your pipes while sending the cooled water back to be reheated. The advantage of this system is that it provides hot water on demand at the same time it conserves water and saves energy.


We install brands you can trust.

No matter what type of water heater you choose to install, you can be assured that it will be worry-free for years to come. NJR Home Services carries the top rated brands, with the highest efficiency and greatest reliability.


Bradford White Water Heaters

Bradford White

Built to be the best.

Because Bradford White is committed to professional specification and installation to ensure your water heater is the right one for your needs and is properly and safely installed per our requirements and to local codes. The result is years of safe and trouble-free performance.




For over a 100 years, Rinnai have proven their commitment to the quality, safety, and support behind all their products. They make it easy to pick the right tankless water heater to support a more satisfying lifestyle for you and your family.

  • Rinnai tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan than standard water heaters.
  • Rinnai is the only tankless manufacturer to test every water heater before it ships out.
  • All Rinnai tankless water heaters come with an industry-leading 1 year limited warranty.

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