Don’t Be Left in the Dark if the Power Goes Out in New Jersey


Warmer weather can coincide with an increased chance of unpredictable storms and extended power outages. Living without electricity for hours or even days can disrupt your way of living and cost you money when vital appliance and sump pumps don’t work. Avoid this unessary stress by installing a natural gas whole house generator at your New Jersey home. You can rest easy knowing if you lose power, you and your family will continue to enjoy all the comforts of home including your AC unit (especially if it’s a hot day)!

Don’t Be Left in the Dark if the Power

Unlike portable generators, whole house generators continually monitor your home’s electrical supply. When your natural gas backup generator senses a power outage, the automatic transfer switch safely disconnects your utility line and transfers to your standby generator. This process delivers backup power to your home’s electrical system until utility power returns. You won’t have to lift a finger!

Unlike portable models, a natural gas standby generator:

  • Automatically starts up when the power goes out — even if you’re not home.
  • Runs on your home’s existing natural gas supply.
  • Starts automatically — even when no one is home.
  • Can power your home’s essential appliances.
  • Does not require messy refueling so you won’t need to worry about running out.
  • Is sized to fit your home and needs.

You can feel confident knowing we have a team of professional installers who have years of experience with natural gas whole house generators. NJR Home Services proudly sells and installs Generac generators. Generac has been providing power solutions for over fifty years and is the number one name in home backup generators.

You can learn more about whole house generators here. If you already have a whole house generator (or are thinking of getting one) it’s important to note your whole house generator needs to be regularly maintained. Since your home generator’s engine is similar to a car’s engine, it needs regular maintenance such as oil and filter changes to help it run efficiently every time it starts up. We offer a Generator Maintenance Plan so you can enjoy the comfort of knowing your natural gas generator is in top operating order. Terms and conditions apply.

PLEASE NOTE These are permanent, standby generators that require approved permits from your municipality prior to installation. They cannot be purchased and installed the same day.

If the unexpected happens – don’t worry! NJR Home Services is here for you and your home comfort needs. Whether you would like a free, no-obligation quote for a home generator, need to replace your AC system or schedule AC service, simply call 877-466-3657 or complete our online request form. We’ll respond promptly and answer your questions.

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