Five Important Plumbing Tips for the Holidays


With the holidays right around the corner, the last thing you need is for your festivities to be spoiled by plumbing problems. To avoid those issues, here are five important tips.

Watch What You Pour Down Your Drain. A blocked kitchen sink can quickly spoil your holiday get-together. Do not be tempted to pour liquid fats or even cooking oil down the drain, as they are very likely to solidify and cause a blockage.

Avoid Clogged Toilets. Make sure to use the minimum amount of toilet paper necessary and try to monitor small children. Also, consider placing a discrete sign above your toilet reminding your guests to only flush toilet paper down the toilet.

Utilize Your Garbage Disposal Properly. Some materials are difficult for a garbage disposal to grind. A few examples include bones, skin from poultry, egg shells, fruit peels and pits. You’ll also want to make sure to feed the disposal slowly.

Ensure You Have Enough Hot Water And Proper Pressure For Showers. If you have guests staying over, try to space out the times they use the shower or bath. This will give your hot water tank enough time to heat up between uses. If shower water pressure is weak, you could have mineral deposits in the shower head. An easy solution is to tie a plastic bag filled with vinegar over the shower head. Leave it overnight and scrub off any deposits with an old toothbrush the next morning.

Prevent Frozen Pipes. Open cabinets beneath sinks and bathroom fixtures; warmer household air can help prevent inside pipes from freezing. Opening taps to a slow trickle keeps water flowing and can also help prevent a blockage caused by freezing.

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