What Is A Maintenance Plan?

At NJR Home Services, our comprehensive Maintenance Plans are tailored to protect your comfort – and your budget – while helping keep your important systems working with a yearly check-up. Homeowners like you get peace of mind, convenience and assurance without any hassle or worry.

Your home is your safe haven and we're here to help keep it that way:

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Peace of mind protection

We are there when you need us most. We're available 365 days a year, even evenings and weekends for your convenience.

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Prompt, professional service

Our own trained local technicians live and work in your neighborhood.

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No trip charges or service fees

Expect no surprises. Maintenance Plans cover everything to get the job done right the first time.

We Offer Two Different Plans Designed To Meet Your Home’s Needs

Standby Generator

Tankless Water System

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Standby Generator Maintenance Plan

You installed a standby generator to provide backup power when you need it most. And now you enjoy the comfort of knowing your standby generator is in top operating order.

Your standby generator engine is very similar to a car’s engine. And, just like your car, it needs regular maintenance such as oil and filter changes to run efficiently every time it starts up. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help ensure your backup power supply is ready and willing to kick in when you need it most.

As with all mechanical systems, poorly maintained standby generators are more prone to failure, which is why manufacturers require proper maintenance as a condition of the warranty. The Generator Maintenance Plan includes one maintenance per contract year. It does not include repairs.

This contract covers only items listed. Check-ups do not include any repair work.

The following items are covered under this contract:

  • Change air filter element (replaceable)
  • Change oil and oil filter (replaceable)
  • Change spark plugs (replaceable)
  • Check and clean enclosure louvers
  • Check battery electrolyte level and charger
  • Clean battery terminals
  • Check, clean air intake filter compartment – change air intake filter (replaceable) if necessary
  • Inspect engine compartment
  • Check complete fuel system, fuel regulator and fuel line integrity
  • Check generator control panel
  • Check valve gap – adjust if necessary
  • Clean and remove any residue from the generator transfer switch
  • Complete electrical check, voltage and frequency
  • Perform electrical diagnostic check of automatic standby system and voltage regulator
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Tankless Maintenance Plan

Tankless systems require annual maintenance. Is yours leaving you cold? Mineral build ups will clog passages which affects water pressure and make systems work harder to produce hot water. Yearly maintenance keeps them working in top condition and is necessary to maintain your warranty.

  • Flush, descale and remove buildup.
  • Clean water inlet filter.
  • Visual inspection of flue, wiring and water leaks.
  • Inspect and test the safety controls.
  • Plan includes one maintenance per contract year. It does not include repairs.§


§ A Tankless System Maintenance Plan is not the same as a Water Heater Service Plan. A maintenance plan only covers required yearly service as recommended by the manufacturer’s warranty. It does not cover parts or labor in case of repair.

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