Here Comes the Sun, Here Come the Savings


While spending more time at home has become part of our ‘new normal’, it also means you’re using more energy – especially if your office is at home and your kids are virtual schooling. Increasing use of computers, TVs, lights, electronics, and your heating and cooling systems in our New Jersey homes is something we can’t avoid. If you’re experiencing higher electric bills, NJR Home Services is here to help! Our clean, renewable solar power options can help you save money each month with minimal effort.


Did you know our dedicated team of solar experts has helped many satisfied New Jersey homeowners effortlessly make the switch to solar? The best part is – we make it hassle-free by handling every step of the process from system design to installation. Below are a few simple questions to help you determine if your N.J. home may be a good candidate for solar energy.

How much is your electric bill?
By looking at your monthly energy costs, we can help determine your potential savings when you switch to solar.

How much sun does your roof typically receive?
A southerly-facing roof with little shade and direct sunlight is ideal for powering solar panels.

What kind of roof do you have?
Asphalt, composite shingles or standing seam metal roofs are best for solar panels, but other types may also be suitable.

What is the condition of your roof?
A newer roof (less than five years old) is ideal since solar panels can generate power for as much as 20 to 25 years.

The next step in your solar journey is to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our knowledgeable solar experts. They’ll work with you in-person or virtually to review your energy expenses and give you an honest answer about the potential savings you can get by adding roof solar panels to your New Jersey home. When it’s time to move forward, our team will handle everything from solar system design to permits and inspections to installation and, ultimately, flipping the switch. We are here to make going solar as seamless and efficient as possible. Each step is in our hands, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine and solar savings!


Installing roof solar panels on your New Jersey home is a great way to help offset your increasing electric costs.

You can relax knowing your home solar lease from NJR Home Services includes:

  • No upfront or installation costs.
  • All maintenance and repairs.
  • Predictable monthly payments for the life of the lease.
  • Professional installation and handling of all paperwork and permits.

Solar power is a great, energy-saving solution for your home all year long. Whatever the season, don’t wait. Call us today for a free no-obligation quote for solar panels for your New Jersey home! With home solar panel lease and home solar panel purchase options, you can choose the plan that best fits your budget. NJR Home Services helps make switching to home solar energy stress-free.

NJR Home Services and our parent company, New Jersey Resources, are taking actions to support a clean energy future. Across our company, we are stepping up and leading the way – challenging, innovating and rethinking what sustainability can mean for our business and our customers. As an environmentally forward-thinking company, we believe the decisions we make today have the potential to change the future for generations to come. Learn about our latest efforts to help protect the environment.


NJR Home Services is the local solar company you can trust with your solar journey. Our knowledgeable solar team will evaluate your energy expenses, give you an honest answer on your potential monthly savings and craft the solar panel lease or solar purchase plan that fits your home and budget. To schedule your free, no obligation consultation today, simply fill out our online request form.

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