Introducing NJR Home Services’ Generator Lease Program.

Get a free, no-obligation customized proposal for your home.

    Introducing NJR Home Services’ Generator Lease Program.

    Get a free, no-obligation customized proposal for your home.

      No Down Payment. Lasting Peace of Mind.

      The new Generator Lease Program from NJR Home Services allows you to have a whole house, standby generator installed for no down payment. And it comes with annual maintenance and repairs so you can depend on your generator all year long. Our program is designed to give you the peace of mind that comes with convenient backup power for your home that turns on automatically when the power goes out.

      Our Generator Lease Program includes:

      A professionally installed Generac®
      whole house generator

      No down payment

      Monitoring, maintenance and repairs

      Predictable monthly payments

      NJR Home Services

      In New Jersey, power outages are a matter of when, not if. Don’t wait for another disruption to your comfort and lifestyle – request more information about our Generator Lease Program today!

      Power Through the Storm

      Our Generator Lease Program is ideal for homeowners who want backup power without the hassle and large expense that may come from purchasing a whole house generator. When purchasing a whole house generator, you must regularly test, maintain and repair your generator. With our Generator Lease Program, we’ll take care of the entire process, including sizing the generator to meet your home’s needs, obtaining permits and coordinating the installation and then servicing it for the life of the lease. It’s all included!
      These days, we rely on our home’s electricity more than ever. Cooling and heating for homes, refrigeration for food and, perhaps most importantly, charging for computers and smartphones. Ensuring your electrical supply continues regardless of weather or other events is a priority and made possible with our Generator Lease Program.
      NJR Home Services has been trusted by New Jersey homeowners for decades. We are here to help you weather any storm.
      NJR Home Services

      You might be a good fit for a generator lease if you:

      Have natural gas to your home

      Own a single family home where the standby generator will be installed

      Live in New Jersey

      Have a credit score of 625 or higher

      The Superior Benefits of a Standby Generator

      If you are deciding between a standby generator and a portable generator for your home’s backup power, here are a couple ways they work differently. A portable generator is a temporary solution powered by gasoline, while a whole house standby generator is an automatic, permanent backup power solution powered by natural gas.
      A portable generator is loud, can be heavy and difficult to move, requires manual starting, must be refueled frequently and can only power a portion of your home.
      A standby generator is professionally installed outside your house (like an AC unit) and turns on automatically during a power outage – whether you’re home or away. It doesn’t require refueling and can be sized to power your whole home. The simple reason to choose a whole house generator is you don’t have to lift a finger! And with NJR Home Services’ Generator Lease Program, we eliminate the expensive installation costs, and you only need to pay a low monthly fee for the generator and other program benefits.
      NJR Home Services

      To learn more about our Generator Lease Program, check our FAQs here.

      *NJR Home Services is not the same company as New Jersey Natural Gas, the utility, and is not regulated by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. You do not have to buy products or services from NJR Home Services in order to continue receiving regulated services from New Jersey Natural Gas. Electrical Contractor Bus. Permit #34EB01231200. NJ Home Improvement #13VH00361500. 1415 Wyckoff Road, Wall, NJ. Offer expires December 31, 2021. Not valid on prior purchases. Offer subject to change without notice. Call for complete program eligibility, terms and conditions.