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  • Are permits necessary for the installation work performed by NJR Home Services?

    • Yes, the majority of the appliance installation work performed by NJR Home Services requires permits from the town, municipality or local authority.

      These permits are a safeguard to ensure that all work performed is inspected and meets applicable local codes.

  • Who secures the permits for the installation work?

    • NJR Home Services will submit all paperwork required for permits to the local authority. The customer is responsible for all permit fees and scheduling required inspections within 30 days.

  • What is included in the standard installation costs of a natural gas water heater?

    • A standard installation includes all labor and materials involved with:

      -- Disconnecting, removing and discarding the old unit
      -- Installing the new natural gas water heater
      -- Two feet of gas pipe connections
      -- Two feet of water pipe connections
      -- Five feet of flue pipe connections
      -- Replacing water and gas shut off valves, if required
      -- Installing a drip leg, if required
      -- A one-year free service contract on the installed unit from NJR Home Services

  • Do you install other size water heaters or fueled water heaters?

    • Yes, sizes installed range from 30-gallon to 75-gallon, including “shorties” for hard- to-fit locations. NJR Home Services also installs direct vent water heaters, which do not require a traditional chimney, and tankless water heaters.

      In addition to natural gas, we also install propane and electric water heaters.

  • Where can a generator be installed?

    • The generator should be installed outside your home, on a level surface.

      For an easier and less expensive installation, choose a location for your generator that is as close as possible to your electric panel and gas line.

  • Is the generator noisy?

    • When the unit is running, it produces about the same level of noise as a central air conditioner.
  • What types of fuel can be used to run the generator?

    • A backup generator system can run on either natural gas or propane.
  • How big is the generator?

    • The actual size of the generator varies, depending on the model.  In general, the dimensions are 52” x 26” x 30” (L x W x H). This is approximately the same size as a central air conditioner. The unit weighs approximately 400 lbs.
  • What is the standard warranty on a generator?

    • The standard warranty is one year and covers all parts and labor except for normal wear. An extended warranty is also available.

      For more information, contact NJR Home Services at 877-466-3657.

  • Why does the generator need to run for 20 minutes each week?

    • The unit tests itself every week for 20 minutes to recharge the batteries and keep the engine lubricated.
  • Do I need to be home during the generator’s self-test?

    • No, the test is done automatically at the day and time specified by the customer. The technician sets this time when the unit is installed.
  • Is financing available?


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