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Common Electrical Issues and Plumbing Problems in New Jersey — When to Call the Pros

Almost every New Jersey homeowner needs to make an electrical home repair or residential plumbing repair at some point. Electrical repairs and plumbing repairs are not do-it-yourself projects. Attempting to tackle complicated plumbing and electrical problems without any experience can be dangerous. Check the list below to see if you need to call an electrician or plumbing company to make the necessary electrical home repair or residential plumbing repair.

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Signs of an Electrical Issue:

  • Loose outlet plugs. When plugs won’t stay in an outlet, the problem could be the prongs or the receptacle. A loose outlet is something that should be repaired by an electrician as it can create a fire risk.
  • Outlets and lights go out frequently. If your breakers often trip, you may be overloading your circuit. Consult with an electrician to see if an additional circuit is needed in that area.
  • Warm outlets or switches. Unless it’s a dimmer switch, outlets that feel warm to the touch are a concern and should be checked by an electrician.
  • LED bulbs are flickering. Standard dimmers are not designed to work with LEDs. You should replace your dimmer switch with one that is compatible with LED lighting.

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Common Residential Plumbing Problems:

  • Leaks in bathrooms, kitchens and exposed pipes. Regularly check for any puddles under pipes or visible water and moisture marks on the wall. If you notice anything, turn off the water and schedule an appointment with a plumbing company as soon as possible. If water will not drain, or is draining slowly, you may have a clog in need of repair by a residential plumbing company.
  • Running toilet. A “running toilet” is a leaky toilet. If you hear water filling up the toilet tank regardless if it’s in use or not, you may have an issue.
  • Dripping faucets. A dripping faucet may seem like a nuisance, but it can be one of the main reasons for increased water bills.
  • Weak or low water pressure. This can be common in older homes and may be caused by a leaking pipe or corrosion. You should consult with a plumbing company for this repair.

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Whether you need an emergency electrical repair or want to safeguard your home with an electrical service contract, the licensed electricians at NJR Home Services are here to help with home electrical repair. And, the licensed plumbers at NJR Home Services will properly diagnose and fix your common residential plumbing problems — so you can relax and enjoy your home. Contact us today for your free, no obligation quote! Call 877-466-3657 or click here.

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