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Snow for the holidays
Don’t Get Caught In the Cold – Prepare Your Heating System and Home for the Winter Season
December 5, 2017
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Sweet Dreams Start with Your HVAC System
February 5, 2018

Keep Your Home Humidified and Comfortable All Winter Long

Dry, chilly air does not always bring comfort during the winter months. Turning on the heat removes even more moisture from the air, making your home dry and uncomfortable. One way to alleviate this problem is to install a whole-house humidifier, which works in unison with your HVAC system to disperse soothing Mother and daughter having fun timemoisture throughout your home. Moisturizing the air can help with the following:

Dry Skin Issues. When air lacks humidity, your skin can dry out, causing itching and flaking. Help fight this with humidified air, which can help keep your skin moisturized throughout the winter.

Static Electricity. Dry, indoor air can encourage a buildup of static electricity. Help prevent damage to computers and sensitive electronics with humidified air!

Damage to Wood Furnishings. Low moisture in the winter air can cause wood to shrink, splinter and crack. By maintaining ideal levels, you can help protect your family treasures.

 Energy Costs. Proper humidification can actually make your home feel warmer, which allows you to turn down your thermostat and save money on energy costs.

NJR Home Services is here to help keep you comfortable all year long. For more information about whole-house humidifier and indoor air quality options, her click here. To request a quote, click here or call 877-466-3657.

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