SolarJuly 9, 2019by NJRHS ADMINThe Forecast for Energy Savings Looks Bright!

As a New Jersey homeowner, you are always looking for ways to help reduce your energy costs and lower your monthly electric bill – especially during the hot New Jersey summers when you are running your AC system for extended periods of time. A home solar panel system is a great way to help reduce your energy bills. However, for most homeowners, the decision to add solar panels brings up a number of questions. We are here to help! Below are some things to consider before deciding to make the switch to solar.

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  1. How much is your monthly electric bill?
    Knowing your energy costs is the first step in determining if home solar panels are right for your home. Evaluate your energy bills and potential solar savings with a professional at NJR Home Services to decide if solar makes sense for you.
  2. How much sunlight does your roof receive?
    The more direct sunlight your home receives, the more power the panels will produce. While most people think an eastern facing roof is the best, a south facing roof is ideal for solar panels in New Jersey.
  3. What type of roof do you have?
    Solar panels work best with strong, durable roofing materials, such as composite or asphalt shingle, or standing seam metal. But don’t worry, you can still go solar if you have another type of roof.
  4. What condition is your roof in?
    The age and condition of your roof are important factors to consider before installing home solar panels. Solar panels can be on your roof producing power and savings for 20-25 years, so it may be worth completing any needed roofing work prior to installation.
  5. How long does the process take?
    From the initial consultation and roof solar panel design, to installation, inspections and flipping the switch, you can count on us to make your solar journey as seamless and efficient as possible. The process usually takes approximately three months.
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Whether you decide to purchase your home solar panels in NJ or take advantage of our no money down solar lease, NJR Home Services is a home solar company that will take care of the whole process. Our knowledgeable solar consultants will evaluate your energy expenses, give you an honest answer on your potential monthly savings and design the solar panel lease or solar panel purchase plan that fits your home and budget. To schedule your free, no obligation consultation simply call 877-466-3657. New Jersey solar is an easy choice.

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