AC SystemApril 19, 2018by NJRHS ADMINWhat to Consider When Buying a New AC System

If your AC system has been struggling to keep up during the summer and your AC system has broken down frequently, it may be time to think about AC replacement in NJ. There are a number of things to think about when you’re buying a new AC system. We’re here with tips for buying a new AC system and useful information to make replacing your AC in NJ a smooth and stress-free process.

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Here are some tips for buying a new AC system:

  • Hire a Licensed Contractor. All residential home improvement contractors in New Jersey are required to be licensed; this includes air conditioner AC on house backyard NJR Home Servicesreplacements. But some private operators may do business without proper licensing and may attempt installations without getting a permit. If they get caught, you, the homeowner, may get the fine. At NJR Home Services, we are fully licensed and insured, and every one of our installers is a dedicated employee who has received customized training from manufacturers on the latest equipment.
  • AC Size. Choosing an AC system in NJ that’s properly sized is essential. There’s a common misconception replacing your current air conditioner with a larger one is better. If the system is too small it won’t be able to cool your home. If the system is too large it can cycle on and off frequently – which can waste energy.
  • SEER Rating. When buying a new AC system, make sure to check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The efficiency of air conditioners is often measured by the SEER rating. AC systems classified with ratings from 14 to 22 are considered energy-efficient.
  • High-Efficiency Models. A high-efficiency AC system may cost more, but can help save energy and money in the long run. When shopping for replacement AC units, look for the ENERGY STAR® label, which is an indication of a more efficient AC system.

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NJR Home Services understands you may feel overwhelmed by all of the options and considerations that go into selecting a new AC system to replace your existing one. We can answer your questions and help you determine the best time to buy a new AC system. Once you find the perfect AC replacement for your home, our team of local, licensed installers will install your AC system and leave your home clean and cool.

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